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    TRACE VERTE is an agency which organises events for companies and local authorities.

    We create, organise and host events to foster motivation, solidarity, spirit and compliance with the company's key values.

    Our 20 years of expertise combined with our curiosity enable us to continually think up new concepts by making use of and showcasing Alsace's advantages.

    -  All year round: tourist trips exploring the secrets of historic Strasbourg, geocaching, powerbocking, mountain biking and hybrid biking, hiking, and much more.

    -  In winter : snowshoe hiking, snowscoot, a night in an igloo and more.
    -  Equipment rental: mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, snowshoes, all-terrain scooters, snowscoot, powerbocking, GPS etc.

    -  Stays: from 2 to 6 days, throughout the year, with hiking trails, snowshoeing or mountain biking.

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Trace Verte
Place de la Gare
67190 Mutzig
03 88 38 30 69 [email protected] See website