Europe Quest

Have fun while you visit the European District in Strasbourg, with EUROPE Quest! Playing this free, interactive game is an entertaining way to discover Strasbourg’s modern architectural landmarks, with European history thrown in for good measure!

A new game for a fun tour

Go to the bottom of the steps leading to the Palace of Europe on Avenue de l’Europe (across from the Orangerie Park), and using your mobile phone, scan one of the QR codes on the display to start the game in French or English.
You’ll meet the  Star treader, who’ll guide you in your search for the 12 stars of the Flag of Europe, scattered around the European District. To find the stars, you’ll have to solve a certain number of riddles, puzzles and quizzes on the history, goals and buildings of the Council of Europe, using your imagination, logic, cleverness and sense of orientation. Some of the riddles incorporate augmented reality. Clues are provided to help you play the game.

The game is structured around the buildings of the Palace of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare (EDQM), the Agora and the European Parliament or the European Youth Centre (the last two buildings are featured in bonus questions).  It will also lead you to more unusual features, such as the pieces of the Berlin Wall that stand in front of the European Court of Human Rights.

A fun game, featuring anecdotes

What I especially liked was that the game truly forces you to think hard, because, even for someone like me, who already knows the district pretty well, it wasn’t easy! However, several times, the star catcher lets you improve your score by answering bonus questions and winning stars. Encouraging!

What’s more, a few interesting anecdotes, for example, about Buffalo Bill and about the selection of the Flag of Europe and the Anthem of Europe, have been integrated into the game as audio clips, making it even more fun and dynamic.

You’ll need about an hour to complete the game, but the time flies! The game is available for all visitors, including families and visitors with reduced mobility.

How do you get to the European District?

You can reach it by bike:

  • in about ten minutes from the city centre, via Place de la République
  • in about fifteen minutes from the Strasbourg train station, along the banks of the River Ill


On public transport, you can reach the European District by taking:

  • the E tram from Place de la République (towards Robertsau l’Escale) – “Droits de l’Homme” stop,

  • the H bus from Place de la Gare (towards Parlement Européen) – “Parlement Européen” stop.

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