Voituriez et Obringer (V.O.)

  • Voituriez et Obringer (V.O.)

    Voituriez & Obringer (V.O) is a consulting agency in global communications. It was founded in 2000 in Strasbourg by two creative professionals: Benjamin Voituriez, artistic director, and Stéphane Obringer, designer-editor.

    In 2021, the agency had 8 people and a network of experts in their field, developing 360-degree projects.

    V.O is a nimble, manageably-sized structure, offering responsiveness and personalised follow-up.

    We listen to your needs, advise you and build and manage every aspect of your project. Our goal is to respond to your issues with precision, in order to provide responsible, sustainable and attractive communication.

    V.O, as in original vision.

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9 boulevard de la Dordogne
67000 Strasbourg
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