Our Shaary service, developed by Wesk, is a free-floating car share service.

    This means that the vehicles are available 24/7, and don’t depend on terminals. Users locate the vehicles using a mobile app, use the car for their trip and park it in any parking space within the defined service area.

    The fleet of vehicles is 100% electric, with the aim of providing an environmentally friendly new service and helping transform the way people get around.

    To summarise, the principle is simple: just download the app, sign up and start driving. All users need to do is drive, because we take care of the rest: insurance, charging and parking spaces.

    To keep everything running smoothly, we have two locally recruited operators working in the field to take care of vehicle maintenance and ensure the smooth operation of the service on-site.

12 chemin des Gorges
69570 Dardilly
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