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  • The Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum

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    Housed since 1931 in a charming series of buildings dating from the 14th and 16th centuries, the museum includes some of the finest masterpieces of medieval sculpture, obtained from the cathedral among others. Visitors can also admire a number of major works of 15th century Rhenish art (Conrad Witz and Nicolas de Leyde), in addition to a series of superb stained-glass windows. The exhibition rooms devoted to the Renaissance and the 17th century include decorative items produced in Strasbourg and an outstanding collection of still lifes by Sebastien Stoskopff.

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    • Museum and planetarium
    • Adult rate : 6,50
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    • Etudiant : 3,50
    • Free for children (age limit) : 18
    • 10h-18h

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    One of the finest collection of medieval works in France. Located at the foot of the Cathedral, this charming Museum owns one of the finest collections of medieval art in France, and even in Europe. The collections span seven centuries of art in Strasbourg and in the Upper Rhine River basin. From the renowned Christ's Head, known as the Wissembourg Christ's Head, one of the oldest stained-glass windows on record, to the crystal baskets painted in the mid-17th century by Sébastien Stosskopf, the master of still-life, the remarkable collections testify to the vitality of art in Strasbourg during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The masterpieces of medieval sculptures from the Cathedral, among which the Church, the Synagogue ou the famous Tempter, are displayed side by side with the best witnesses of Upper Rhine art in the 15th and 16th centuries. The place granted great artists such as sculptor Nicolas de Leyde or painters Conrad Witz and Hans Baldung Grien match their talents. The tour of the Museum, the synthesis of all arts, is made in complete harmony with the architecture of the site: behind the ancient gables of the building housing Oeuvre Notre-Dame , an organism responsible for the construction and restoration of the cathedral since the 13th century, the interior decors, together with the cool courtyards and the charming Gothic herb garden, contribute to the feeling of intimacy with the rich past of Strasbourg.

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The Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum
3 place du Château Oeuvre Notre-Dame
67000 Strasbourg
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