The Pause Show

To make the most of your stay in Strasbourg this summer, at night or during the day, hit “Pause”!

A show that encourages contemplation

In Strasbourg this summer, you’ll likely spend some of your evening around the Cathedral.

Enjoy a show combining lights, projection mapping and sound and contemplate the beauty of Strasbourg Cathedral, an architectural jewel.

The visual show is highlighted by a sound design combining works by Ludwig van Beethoven, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of his birth, with soundscapes from Strasbourg.

During the day, too

During the daytime, too, take your time and linger over the details of Strasbourg’s architectural heritage. It’s easy. Use the app and go on a “sound stroll”.

With “Pause-Beethoven”, thanks to geolocation, your stroll through the streets will take you to the city’s most iconic sites, conducive to contemplation, as you listen to works by Beethoven, picked especially for each place. There are about forty spots where you can linger, while (re)discovering Beethoven’s most intimate pieces.

For kids, a treasure hunt lasting about thirty minutes, called “Sound Hunters”, is also available in the app. As they walk around, sounds will be triggered, telling them which way to go to find the treasure…

Useful information

The show at the Cathedral lasts 12 minutes and takes place every day until 20 September,

  • in July at 10:15 pm – 10:45 pm – 11:15 pm,
  • in August at 10:15 pm – 10:45 pm – 11:15 pm,
  • in September at 9:30 pm – 10:15 pm – 10:45 pm.

Access to the show is on Place du Château and Place de la Cathédrale, via Rue du Dôme or Rue des Frères only.
You must wear a mask.

The sound strolls are available for free, in French and English on the G.O.H. app. (Download on Android / iPhone)

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Due to the health situation, the visitor centre of the Strasbourg Tourist Office is closed until further notice.
All tourism activities are suspended.
However, you can still reach our staff by email: [email protected] from Monday to Friday.

Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas
Due to worsening health conditions, the  chalets of the Christmas markets will not take place in the city this year.
The magic and spirit of Christmas will still reign supreme with illuminations and our great Christmas Tree.
More information coming soon…

In Strasbourg, you must wear a face covering throughtout the city, even outside.