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  • La Strasbourgeoise

    Breast Cancer Charity Race

    Since it was created in 2010, La Strasbourgeoise has raised more than €406,472 for the fight against breast cancer.

    This year, to celebrate the event’s 10th anniversary, a pink wave is washing over the city with a women-only race, walking, Nordic walking and canoeing, combined with measures aiming to inform women and raise their awareness about screening, and more.

    All donations raised through registration will go toward research and patient support through ICANS – the Strasbourg Europe Institute for Cancer Research.

    So in October, let’s get moving!

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    For over 20 years, October has been the month of the pink ribbon, the time of year for a vast campaign promoting breast cancer education and awareness. Because currently in France, 1 out of every 8 women are at risk of breast cancer, and because the best way to deal with this disease is to anticipate, prevent and educate, Strasbourg mobilises every year with a big charity race called La Strasbourgeoise.

    La Strasbourgeoise is an event organised by the Strasbourg Europe Association for Races (ACSE) and the Sports Department of Strasbourg, in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Lilly.



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