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    Ideally located at the heart of the city centre, close to the main shopping streets, bars and restaurants, CLOSED ESCAPE GAME is on the 2nd floor of 3A rue du 22 Novembre (accessible by lift).

    Confined to a closed room, the players have 60 minutes to escape. To do so, they have to solve puzzles and elude the traps set by our designers.
    A theme, an immersive décor and a captivating scenario have made CLOSED ESCAPE GAME a huge hit.

    EL PROFESOR (2 to 6 players):
    This puzzle, inspired by the hit Netflix series Money Heist, will have you breaking into the mint and printing as many bills as possible before the police arrive.  Worried? No problem! The professor will guide you, step by step.

    YAKYZA (2 to 6 players):
    Plunge into the underworld of the Tokyo Mafia to find your organisation’s accountant and save the encrypted data before the police, or a rival gang, get their hands on it.

    VAUDOU (2 to 6 players):
    Little Mary has mysteriously disappeared, while she was prowling around the house of Mama Cortez, a voodoo priestess...

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3a rue du 22 Novembre
67000 Strasbourg
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