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    When games and cocktails come visit you at home!

    Your drinks and snacks have been locked up in a huge cooler. Your mission: SET them FREE!

    To reach this goal, work with your best allies (4 players and up) to solve the various mysteries, with funny, contemporary plots, on the theme of cocktails.
    The further you get in the game, the more drinks and snacks you’ll set free: beer, wine, terrines, dried sausage, cheese, and more (content customisable by request), with the required utensils (corkscrew, etc.).

    The advantages:

    - The price of a classic Escape Room (starting at €25 per person) combined with high quality aperitif goodies
    - A mobile, autonomous game you can play at home.

    How about you? Will you be able to set your aperitif free?

    A retrouver dans la galerie

29 rue des Chasseurs
67300 Schiltigheim
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