Dooz Destroy Room

  • Dooz Destroy Room

    An all-new experience in Strasbourg: Dooz Destroy Room

    Rage rooms are based on a simple concept: you blow off steam by breaking various objects - bottles, furniture, etc. - with tools such as sledgehammers, crowbars or baseball bats, while wearing lots of safety gear for protection.

    At Dooz Destroy Room, you’ll have 10 to 20 minutes to break everything.

    Our rage rooms are designed for 1 to 2 players.

    And don’t worry: everything you’ll demolish is so-called ultimate waste - stuff that would have been destroyed and then recycled anyway.

    So, ready to start smashing?

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Dooz Destroy Room
12 rue des Magasins
67000 Strasbourg
06 10 24 20 52 [email protected] See website


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