Place de l’Homme-de-Fer

  • Place de l'Homme-de-Fer

    During the Second World War, a number of buildings were destroyed just north of the Place Kléber. The Place de l’Homme-de-Fer was then created in two stages.

    In 1955, Gustave Stoskopf, winner of the Grand Prix de Rome and the main architect of the reconstruction in Alsace, was commissioned to design a set of five buildings including a fourteen-storey tower. The aim was to extend the Grande Percée towards the Place de Haguenau by a wide road lined by buildings in an "ordered" and "rigorous" architectural style.

    When the tram system came to be installed and the city centre pedestrianised at the beginning of the 1990s, the Place de l’Homme-de-Fer was redesigned to become the heart of the transport network.

    To give it a real feeling of unity, the architect Guy Clapot designed a glass rotunda, which marks out the centre and blends well with the futuristic design of the trams.

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    • Monument, remarkable house

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Place de l'Homme-de-Fer
Place de l'Homme de Fer
67000 Strasbourg


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