Le parc du Heyritz

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  • Le parc du Heyritz

    Heyritz Park is located in an area that until recently has been lacking in major public green spaces. It covers 8.7 hectares and will now receive the locals from the surrounding neighbourhood as well as all Strasbourg residents who wish to take a walk or just relax.

    As the west entrance to the Two Shores area, Heyritz Park is part of a redevelopment initiative for Strasbourg's abandoned ports and industrial zones. With a land surface area equal to that of Contades Park, this site is one of the city's major parks, just like Orangerie Park, Citadelle Park or Two Shores Garden.

    A network of pathways, some of which are lit, provides connections for pedestrians and cyclists, and also allows you to walk between the site's various points of interest (floating dock, Vologda Plaza with its reflecting pool, playground, recreation field, tiered seating, etc.).

    A footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists lets you cross the canal. That way, the park can be accessed directly from the New Civil Hospital and the Finkwiller quarter, and provides a more large-scale north-south connection to the Schluthfeld and Plaine des Bouchers quarters by way of the Petit Heyritz passageway (a tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists underneath the RN4).

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