Qui veut pister Strasbourg

  • Qui veut pister Strasbourg

    Explore, play and investigate with the scavenger hunts and mystery investigations of Quiveutpister Strasbourg.

    At the game’s starting point, a plain-clothes detective welcomes the participants. He’s having trouble solving a mystery. He needs help - their help!

    The participants are then divided up into several teams. An investigator’s briefcase is provided to each team. Inside, there’s a road map and investigative accessories to help them find clues.

    Ready, set, go! The participants set off to investigate on their own. While they explore, they discover the city's secret, historical and tourism heritage.

    At the destination, the plain-clothes detective rewards the best team!

    Length: from 2 to 2.5 hours.

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Qui veut pister Strasbourg

67000 Strasbourg
06 38 58 90 51 [email protected] See website