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Want to spend a weekend in Strasbourg with your special someone? To take a selfie, or to make a declaration of love or even a marriage proposal, here’s our list of the most romantic places in the city that you definitely should not miss.
Looking for an idyllic destination to celebrate this romantic holiday with your sweetheart? How about coming to Strasbourg to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Did you know that you can visit “Little Versailles” in Strasbourg? Go to the Decorative Arts Museum!
Can you learn about science through play? Well, you can at The Vaisseau, a science centre for kids and teens in Strasbourg.
For an autumn holiday or a short autumn break in November, it can be hard to choose the right destination. Whether you’re travelling with family or taking a city break with friends, we have 5 great reasons to choose Strasbourg!
Europe lives in Strasbourg! To get a better understanding of how the European Union works, visit the European Parliament while you’re in Strasbourg.