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  • Dammann Frères - Orfèvres

    Dammann Frères, a tea house since 1692: history, tradition, a brand, values and a mastery of the tea business, for several generations:

    - Quality
    The best teas, bought directly in the areas where they are grown and from tea factories. Every week, hundreds of batches of tea are tasted by our experts for inspection, selection and validation purposes. This is our full guarantee, so we can offer you impeccable quality. 

    - Exclusive
    During their travels, our experts forge close ties with the tea plantations and producers;

    - Know-how
    For three generations, an in-house blender has been developing and perfecting the art of blending teas;

    - Original and creative
    A flavourist assembles teas with the most varied flavours and fragrances, embellishing them with flower petals, pieces of fruit and other spices to make original, exclusive new blends of tea (over 3,000 recipes developed).

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Dammann Frères - Orfèvres
19 rue des Orfèvres
67000 Strasbourg
09 53 37 45 60 [email protected] See website


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