Quality of service

Our commitment to quality

The Greater Strasbourg Tourist Office has been looking to cultivate and consolidate its approach to quality. To achieve this, and with the aim of obtaining the “Qualité Tourisme” (or Quality Tourism) certification, the whole team is working hard on a daily basis to implement the various measures that the Offices de Tourisme de France (or Tourist Offices of France) has set as benchmarks for the “Qualité de Tourisme” label. This teamwork paid off on 14 October 2015, with the awarding of the Qualité Tourisme certification, renewed on March 15, 2019.

What's the purpose of the Qualité Tourisme label?

The State created the Qualité Tourisme label with the aim of improving the quality of tourism-related services in France.

This quality label selects and brings together in a single symbol the various quality initiatives undertaken to ensure your satisfaction covering hotels, tourism residences, holiday villages, campsites, restaurants, cafes and brasseries, holiday accommodation rental companies, tourist offices, visitor sites and outdoor activities.

The goal is to provide you with an easily recognisable sign you can trust, enabling you to easily choose establishments offering high-quality services.

Learn more about the Qualité Tourisme label.


Our tourist office is inspected every five years to update its ranking.

Current ranking: Category 1 awarded on 7 January 2016 by the Bas-Rhin Prefecture.

1. Our commitment to our guests

  • The premises of the Strasbourg Tourist Office
    • Receive clients in clean, accessible and pleasant locations
    • Facilitate access to reception office by posting appropriate signs
  • Reception and information
    • Display and respect opening hours
    • Provide a friendly and polite welcome
    • Communicate reliable and up-to-date tourist information in a variety of languages
    • Design, create and distribute tourist literature
    • Gather client opinions and complaints

2. Our commitment to tourist partners (institutional, member, etc.)

    • Foster dialogue between professionals
    • Bring together and coordinate the tourism sector’s local network
    • Distribute literature to member service providers
    • Define goals for promotion and communication, along with action plans
    • Promote and spread the word about this travel destination, both in France and abroad, through media relations and participation in professional trade fairs, workshops and educational tours