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Where can you stay in Strasbourg? For one or several nights, lots of options are available. Strasbourg has everything to meet your expectations, in every price range. Options include major hotel chains, boutique hotels, extended stay, furnished accommodations, B&Bs, campsites and youth hostels.

From a basic room in a budget hotel to a sumptuous suite in a luxury hotel, Strasbourg has a world-class range of hotel accommodations, including hotels that are renowned for their charm. So much to choose from!

For longer stays, it’s the best way to go, with a kitchen area, total freedom to come and go as you like and on-demand hotel services. Welcome home!

From the studio apartment to the beautifully furnished house, the selection is vast, for total independence and unparalleled comfort.

For travellers who appreciate a personal welcome, conversations about regional customs and insider tips on the local area.

If you love tent camping, staying in a mobile home or motorhome, or if you’re simply the backpacking type, this is just the thing for you! See the best spots.

Don’t know what type of accommodations you want to stay in when you come to Strasbourg? Here are some suggestions for you. We hope you’ll enjoy scrolling through them!