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Even indoors, you can have a great time. Move, jump, run and drive! …

If you love to swim, here’s a selection of the most inviting places… 

Sometimes, you just want to get back to nature. Here are a few nice places where you can get some fresh air.

A selection of places for adventurers out for some thrills and excitement, as well as more gentle fun, entertainment and amazement.

Although Alsace might not be the most exotic place, you’ll still find some fine specimens from the animal kingdom. It’s safari time!

Sports are taken seriously in Alsace. In this region, people love to run, walk, pedal, swim, row, glide, climb and fly! Here’s our selection of sports activities in Strasbourg and the surrounding area.

If you want to have a relaxing stay, Strasbourg and the surrounding area are full of enchanting places where you can pamper yourself and let go of it all.