Special traffic measures in Strasbourg

If you plan to come to Strasbourg by car, please take note of the new regulations regarding the low emission zone.

Since 1st January 2022, a low emission zone has been in place in Strasbourg and the Eurometropolis, with the aim of reducing air pollution.

In order to drive in this zone, you must have a Crit’Air sticker on your windscreen. Remember to get this environmental sticker before you get here!

From 1st January 2023, Strasbourg and the Eurometropolis will be closed to some vehicles.

Rollout schedule
1st January 2022 – Crit’Air 5 – educational phase*
1st January 2023 – Crit’Air 5 prohibited / Crit’Air 4 – educational phase*
1st January 2024 – Crit’Air 4 prohibited / Crit’Air 3 – educational phase*
1st January 2025 – Crit’Air 3 prohibited / Crit’Air 2 – educational phase*
1st January 2028 – Crit’Air 2 prohibited

*During the educational phases, the vehicles concerned may be checked, but no penalties will be imposed.

In case of pollution peaks

Differentiated traffic has been in effect in Strasbourg since the end of 2017. It applies to all 33 villages and towns of the Eurometropolis. On days when there are peaks of pollution (taking certain conditions into account), only vehicles displaying “Crit’Air” certificates 1, 2 or 3 are allowed to circulate. Remember to get this certificate before you arrive.

More information about pollution peaks and Crit’Air certificate

Registrate to the pollution peak alert

What about parking?

Find all the information you’ll need to park in Strasbourg and the surrounding areas.