Fun activities for young children

Want to have a nice time exploring Strasbourg with kids? You bet! Here’s a review of fun things to do around town.

In addition to the excitement of climbing on board a tour boat, during this sightseeing cruise, Batorama offers a unique experience for children. In order to make discovering the city fun for kids, special audio commentary has been created just for them, with dramatic staging and actors. 

Your little ones will be begging to hop on board, as soon as they see one coming around the corner! Of course, we’re talking about mini-train sightseeing tours. Climb on board on Cathedral Square, and listen to the tale of Strasbourg as the mini-train takes you on a pleasant tour through the narrow streets of Petite France and past the Covered Bridges. In addition to the tour of the picturesque old city, another tour will take you to discover the German imperial quarter, called the Neustadt district, built by the Germans after Alsace was annexed by Germany in 1871.
Grande Ile has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2017.

A little “Familicitirali” city-centre discovery-trail quiz is provided free of charge at the Tourist Office.

What is the Cathedral made of? What can you see if you look up its facade? 6 questions, to have fun exploring Strasbourg with your family, from the Cathedral to the Ancienne Douane.

Guided tours

The Strasbourg Tourist Office offers guided tours suitable for young children. Our guides will know how to capture the whole family’s imagination with storytelling tours, participatory tours, general tours of Strasbourg or more specific tours, of the Cathedral, the Old Town or Neustadt, for example.  

The Petite France quarter has many surprises in store for young explorers. Its cobblestone streets and picturesque half-timbered houses are straight out of a fairy tale. Your children will be fascinated to see a lock that lifts boats up slowly, as well as a swing bridge that swivels to let the boats get through.

Museums for kids

All of the museums in Strasbourg are free for visitors under 18 years old. What’s more, they offer entertaining activities for kids to do on their own, all year long. Although all of Strasbourg’s museums are interesting, some of them might be more appealing to young people. Our selection:

(Rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Poissons) tells the story of Strasbourg from the Middle Ages to the creation of the European institutions. In a fun way, it offers a historical adventure guaranteed to please kids. The ‘Little Soldiers of Strasbourg’ collection, with 60,000 figures made of paper, is exceptional.

(Quai St-Nicolas) provides an exciting exploration of Alsatian folklore. Costumes and antique toys, amongst other things, are presented in the rooms of three old Alsatian houses. For example, you’ll learn what life was like in Alsace 250 years ago. A compelling journey into the essence of Alsace that will appeal to the whole family.

(Boulevard de la Victoire) presents a collection of taxidermied animals from every continent, including some very rare species, and even extinct species. Temporary exhibitions and entertaining workshops for young people are held there regularly. An enriching museum that introduces children to the world of animals. Guaranteed to delight! (Closed as of September 2019 for renovation. Scheduled reopening in 2025).

Educational discoveries

Located close to the Malraux Peninsula, the Vaisseau is for kids ages 3 to 18. Since it opened in 2005, it’s been a huge success with both French and German kids. Entertaining, instructive, educational and smart, the Vaisseau introduces young people to science and technology through games and activities. The perfect place to spend a rainy day! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Located near the Botanical Gardens, at the planetarium, visitors discover astronomy in spectacular fashion, thanks to shows projected onto a giant dome display. The shows are suitable for all, with audiences learning how to observe the night sky, identifying stars, planets and constellations. It’s an exciting activity for the whole family, very highly recommended!


Playing outdoors

Designed for family fun, Parc de la Citadelle (Esplanade) is a park that has various playgrounds for children of all ages. One of the playgrounds is devoted to water games, to the delight of children on hot summer days.

The Orangerie park (in the Orangerie district), is a park with beautiful trees, a vintage car track, boats for hire (March to October) and several playgrounds. In summertime, ice cream vendors make kids happy (and their parents too).

A symbol of Franco-German friendship, the Jardin des Deux Rives has a bridge just for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting Strasbourg to Kehl, Germany. On both sides, several outdoor playgrounds promise endless hours of fun and games for children.


When it’s time to work up a sweat, Strasbourg has plenty to offer for every taste.

Thrills and spills at amusement parks

Located less than an hour away from Strasbourg by car, in Rust (Germany), Europa-Park is the second-most visited amusement park in Europe. Its reputation extends well beyond the region. Over 5.5 million visitors go there every year! There are about one hundred attractions, including 13 roller coasters and 15 theme areas, including the French quarter. The park launches amazing new attractions, almost every year. Europa-Park has its fans! A one-day visit might seem too short…  

Cigoland, near Sélestat, about 25 minutes from Strasbourg by car, is both an amusement park and an animal park. The park features over 120 white storks, all roaming freely. Cigoland has worked hard to protect this animal, which symbolises Alsace. Your whole family will enjoy the park’s twenty-some attractions, suitable for everyone.

The Parc du Petit Prince, located in Ungersheim, about 95 km from Strasbourg, is the world’s first aerial park. About thirty innovative attractions and shows plunge visitors into the poetic world of the Little Prince and of his author, St-Exupéry. When you visit this family-oriented theme park, don’t miss the star attraction: tethered balloon rides.

Borrow a pushchair

To facilitate your stay in Strasbourg with your young children, the Strasbourg Tourist Office can lend you a folding pushchair.
Simply come to the Tourist Office and borrow a pushchair for the day, free of charge (according to availability; 50 euro deposit required). Feel free to ask for more information from our reception staff!

For more information, download Familiciti, our practical guide to family activities in Strasbourg!