Tramway, bus, cycling, walking: Strasbourg is developing modes of transport other than cars, to make the city more pleasant for everyone.

Strasbourg is very bike-friendly! The city has really opted to focus on green transport options. The city and the adjacent municipalities are crisscrossed by a network of 600 kilometres of bike paths.

The tramway in Strasbourg serves all four corners of the city, as well as the town centre. The network is very dense, with a high frequency of service, perfectly supplemented by buses. A well-oiled machine…

In Strasbourg, motorhomes are subject to the same traffic and parking rules as cars. A service point is available at the campsite.

If you plan to come to Strasbourg by car, please take note of the new regulations regarding the low emission zone.

Need to rent a car, occasionally or long term? There are several car rental solutions available in Strasbourg.

In and around the city centre, Strasbourg has a multitude of car parks. Park & Ride car parks, located on the outskirts, provide easy, convenient access to the city centre, on the tram.

Want to take a taxi, to get around easily in Strasbourg? Several taxi companies offer their services.