Museums, opera, theatre, dance, music, modern art… Strasbourg and the neighbouring municipalities of the Eurometropolis feature many renowned cultural institutions, so there’s plenty to choose from to enjoy a rich and varied cultural life in any season.

A wide range of museums

Strasbourg boasts a network of eleven municipal museums with an exceptionally rich heritage. The themed collections of each museum are incredibly diverse. For example, you can learn about Strasbourg’s rich history at the Historical Museum, explore traditional Alsatian art and folklore at the Alsatian Museum, discover the new generation of artists at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art or enjoy the original and often caustic artworks displayed at the Tomi Ungerer Museum – International Centre for Illustration.

Get off the beaten path by visiting the mysterious Vodou Museum, the nearby Military Museum (in La Wantzenau) or the delectable Chocolate Museum (in Geispolsheim)…

Strasbourg, the Virtuoso

© Nis&For

Created from a merger between the opera houses of Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse, the ONR has a choir of 44 singers and a ballet company of 33 dancers.
A major institution on the French and international opera scenes, it became a “National Opera” in 1997.
Every year, over 150 performances are held, including operas, ballets, recitals, concerts and youth shows. Pure moments of emotion…

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Founded in 1855, it is one of the oldest symphonic orchestras of Europe and the oldest one in France.
Comprising 110 musicians, the OPS has achieved international renown. Every year, it gives over 30 concerts in the Alsatian capital. These are always very special moments.
The Opéra National du Rhin and the OPS work in very close collaboration.

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Les Percussions de Strasbourg have been renowned worldwide for over 60 years.
The group, which comprises six musicians, tours the world constantly and also performs in its hometown regularly. 

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In addition to these internationally renowned institutions, the Eurometropolis also boasts top-notch venues, which means that eclectic, high-quality programming is offered.
The biggest names in French and international entertainment perform on the stages of the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès and the Laiterie in Strasbourg, the Zénith in Eckbolsheim, and other venues.

As for theatre...

The theatre scene in the Eurometropolis is particularly dynamic. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

The only national theatre outside of Paris, the TNS has a permanent troupe of actors.
Around fifteen shows are offered each season, including at least one original production and three to four co-productions. It sets the standard!

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The Maillon, a European stage renowned well beyond France’s borders, explores the most contemporary forms of live performance.
It offers varied programming, at the crossroads of the disciplines of theatre, dance, the circus arts, music and the visual arts.

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© Théâtre du Maillon
© Benoît Schupp

Particularly, but not exclusively, aimed at young audiences, the TJP is a place of creation devoted to puppetry, and it has set itself the task of encouraging new playwriting and inventing a whole multitude of theatrical forms.

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Let’s dance!

A National Choreographic Centre (CDCN) since 2005, Pôle Sud supports the development of modern dance and is one of the most significant producers of choreographic works in France.
In addition to a rich annual programme, Pôle Sud also organises two dance festivals: ExtraDanse and ExtraPole.

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A profusion of performance venues

There are lots of other performance halls in the Eurometropolis, including the Cheval Blanc in Schiltigheim, the Illiade in Illkirch, the Salle du Cercle in Bischheim, the Préo in Oberhausbergen, the Point d’Eau in Ostwald, the Diapason in Vendenheim, the Fil de l’Eau in La Wantzenau, and many more.
Locals from Strasbourg and the surrounding area go to these venues to enjoy high quality shows and concerts, with an intimate ambiance that lends itself to a sense of proximity to the performers.

Festival fun!

Throughout the year, cultural life in Strasbourg and the Eurometropolis is shaped by festivals.
Music, literature, cinema, visual arts… A rich, colourful array of events offering something for everyone.

Completely devoted to the accordion, this festival boasts exceptional international programming with a festive flourish.

© Wolfijazz - Thomas Kalinarcz

This festival brings some of the biggest names on the international jazz scene to unique surroundings, at Fort Kléber in Wolfisheim, for an outdoor celebration of the beginning of summer.

© Stras'Orgues - Philippe De Rexel

The organ heritage of Strasbourg is truly incomparable, with about fifteen organs spanning history from the 14th century to the present day.
The festival shines a spotlight on the world of this instrument and its repertoire through a large number of concerts.

© L'Ososphère - Philippe Groslier
© L'Ososphère - Philippe Groslier

A multifaceted festival organised by the city and the district of the Laiterie, featuring electro nights, exhibitions, screenings, concert cruises, workshops, and more.


Created in 1982, Musica is a key event in the creation and dissemination of contemporary music in Europe. It attracts major composers and musicians and promising young talent. Over 16,000 spectators attend about forty performances every year.

©Patrick Lambin
©Patrick Lambin

This event supports jazz creation and features some of the greatest names in jazz, year after year.
It’s been going on for more than thirty years! An institution in Strasbourg…

A city of books

The birthplace of printing, Strasbourg has always showcased books. And this is why Strasbourg has been designated World Book Capital 2024 by UNESCO. It’s the first French city to achieve this distinction.

Every year, the Bibliothèques Idéales (The Perfect Library), event is held to highlight the talents and writers of the French and international literary landscape. An ambitious programme includes meet-and-greets with authors, debates, admiration exercises, musical readings, and more. In all, over fifty events are offered.

The Strasbourg area has a dense network of libraries, the flagship of which, the André Malraux Media Library, is well worth a visit. This old disused warehouse surrounded by water was rehabilitated in a way that preserved the industrial identity of the place, while opening it up to the surrounding environment.

Strasbourg is also home to France’s second-largest library: the National and University Library. In particular, this library houses one of Europe’s first Egyptology collections.

Book lovers will be delighted by the numerous independent bookstores, booksellers and book markets that can be found across the city.

Art is life...

The rich and varied arts culture of Strasbourg is evident in more than 25 art galleries, over 60 contemporary artworks installed in the public space and numerous venues devoted to modern art. For example, the CEAAC (European Centre for Contemporary Artistic Actions), an exhibition and experimentation venue, supports and showcases French and international contemporary creation through a remarkable artistic and cultural programme.

This vibrant art scene also includes France’s second-largest annual contemporary art fair, ST-ART. This show is a key event for art enthusiasts and collectors, attracting hundreds of French and international art galleries.

Strasbourg is a city that’s teeming with life, offering a vast range of cultural performances and activities to choose from, every day.
In Strasbourg, you can put something new and unique on your cultural calendar, every day of the year. Game on!