Lieu d’Europe

  • Lieu d'Europe

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    A place of education in European citizenship open to all, the vocation of the Lieu d’Europe is to make Europe known to citizens and to strengthen their feeling of belonging to a community of values.

    Endowed with a permanent exhibition, a resource centre coordinated by the Information Centre on European Institutions and meeting and discussion rooms, the Lieu d’Europe’s mission is to:

    - Inform the general public on institutions, the history of Europe and its close links with the history of Strasbourg, together with European news,

    - Promote construction of European citizenship and stimulate exchanges of ideas and debate,

    - Bring citizens closer to European institutions,

    - Explain and share values of democracy, peace and human rights,

    - Make the wealth and cultural diversity of the different European countries known to all.

    Type of place
    • Institutional site
    • 10H - 18H

    To be found in the gallery

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Lieu d'Europe
rue Boecklin (angle de l'allée Kastner)
67000 Strasbourg
03 68 00 09 10 See website