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    Nautiland, the iconic facility in Haguenau, is undergoing a transformation.

    The architecture is being redesigned and the recreational activities are being expanded to make the facility more family friendly.

    The new Nautiland will offer warm, welcoming, friendly spaces that are also more functional. The changing rooms and showers will be co-ed, as is now the case in most aquatic centres, in order to enable families to stay together prior to getting to the pools and play areas.

    Among the new features to be discovered, Nautiland will offer a one of-a-kind attraction in the area: the outdoor river. It will be winding, and the level will be varied by a system of bumps and slopes. There will be different zones, alternating between sliding and resting, and an area designed especially for relaxation. This alternating structure will make the river a fun, attractive, safe experience.

    What’s more, two new water play areas for younger kids will be available: one indoor and one outdoors. The wellness centre will also be completely renovated and restructured, and will feature new outdoor hot tubs. The big indoor slide will also be renovated and improved with new lighting effects. What’s more, an event venue will be available for multiple purposes, and it will be able to operate autonomously outside of the aquatic centre’s opening times. Another new feature: a sensory pathway will be added to the landscaping of the outdoor spaces, in the heart of the city.

    Finally, Nautiland will have new and improved technical features that will make it more comfortable to use (temperature and humidity) and improve its energy and environmental performance (insulation, glazing, ventilation, heat recovery, green roofs, and more).

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