Mosbach Alsatian wines

  • Mosbach Alsatian wines

    No reservations required! Come for tours, tastings and purchases, every day during our opening times.

    Let's set off on a journey through time, to explore traditional and modern winegrowing.

    Arrangements for group tours: On request (for groups of 10 people+)

    - Monday to Saturday : 8.00 am - noon, 1.00 pm - 6.00 pm.
    - Sundays and public holidays : 9.00 am - noon.
    Open on Christmas period.

    Languages spoken: French, German, English.
    Capacity: 100 persons.

    Rates :
    Tasting : 7 € per person for 5 wines (free with the purchase of at least 3 bottles per person).


    The Mosbach family cultivates a passion for wine, passing its winemaking know-how down through the generations.
    We would be delighted to welcome you to our family winery.


    Maxi : 100 people

    A retrouver dans la galerie

10 place du Kaufhaus
67520 Marlenheim
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