The European institutions

  • The European institutions

    As the official home town of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the Human Rights Building, Strasbourg has a passion for its international role. This highly cosmopolitan character can also be found in the town’s universities, its economic and cultural life and its streets.

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    Monument, remarkable house

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67000 Strasbourg
  • Strasbourg

    The Council of Europe

    Ever since it was founded in 1949, the purpose of the Council of Europe has been to bring together all of the democracies of the old continent. Curren...

  • Strasbourg

    The European Parliament

    The beating heart of Europe Strasbourg is European, thanks to its history and location. At the intersection of roads and influences, but also of confl...

  • Strasbourg

    The Human Rights Building

    Built based on the plans of the British architect Sir Richard Rogers, the joint designer of the Beaubourg Centre in Paris, the Human Rights Building w...