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    Dive into history!

    The stars of Strasbourg’s heritage, listed as Historical Monuments, the Municipal Baths of Strasbourg were designed by municipal architect Fritz Beblo at the dawn of the twentieth century.

    Completed in 1908, the building’s functionality is decisively innovative, a perfect expression of contemporary hygiene policies.    The building’s elegant architecture is another element of its beauty. The team of municipal architect Fritz Beblo designed everything about the Baths, right down to the door handles. Each piece is unique, with some details that are purely decorative. Fritz Beblo was obsessed with light, fine materials (such as marble and English ceramics), references to antiquity, the Baroque style, the Renaissance, Art Nouveau influences, and more.  For Fritz Beblo, the Baths were a total work of art.

    As soon as they opened, the Municipal Baths became a place where people from all backgrounds crossed paths. Whereas the middle class came to the Baths for wellbeing and leisure purposes, the lower classes would come to use the public baths and showers in the basement, if they didn’t have them at home.  The Baths were one of the first municipal buildings to welcome the public, where people from all different backgrounds would meet.

    The Municipal Baths recently underwent an ambitious renovation project, which preserved their heritage and history.

    The small and large pools, beautifully restored, are open to all for swimming, at the same price as the other pools of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg.

    Extend the experience by enjoying the other areas: wellbeing (with a heated outdoor pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, etc.), spa treatments, fitness, and more.

    Enjoy total relaxation at the heart of the historical centre!


    The Municipal Baths also offer public showers and original activities, such as themed cooking workshops. 

    Go here for admission fees and opening hours.

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