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There’s always something going on in Strasbourg

Throughout the city
This exciting festival is dedicated to the songs, dances and music of world religions, and offers a setting for unprecedented artistic gatherings. In places of worship (churches, a synagogue, a mosque), music will forge friendships and break down barriers.
22 November 2019 8 h 56 min
Throughout the city
Interested in having an original, glamorous, different Valentine's Day? Romance, seduction, the out-of-the-ordinary? For ten days, the city will put on a festival to celebrate lovers with a programme that is simultaneously poetic, cultural, glamorous, and slightly quirky! Exceptional moments in an exceptional setting… For a Valentine’s Day like none other, don’t miss “Strasbourg mon amour”!
22 November 2019 8 h 55 min
Throughout the city
The Strasbourg Carnival attracts tens of thousands of people to its huge procession through the city centre. Marching bands, majorettes, flag throwers, comedians, dancers and floats will make their way through the streets of Strasbourg surrounded by music – a great day out for young and old alike!
22 November 2019 8 h 52 min
One of the biggest festivals in France devoted to the accordion. On the programme: French rock, traditional music from South America and Eastern Europe, jazz, classical music and more contemporary styles, as well as dance, cabaret and theatre performances.
22 November 2019 9 h 07 min
TJP - National Dramatic Center
String or digital puppets, matter in motion, shadow and reflection games, dummies, robots and 3D printers… a wide alternate variety for soliciting our imagination on stage. Backed by the only National Centre of Dramatic Art, managed by a puppeteer, Les Giboulées places Strasbourg at the crossroads of stories and practices of puppet-art today, in the heart of the profession and for the public.
22 November 2019 9 h 07 min
22 November 2019 10 h 02 min
Fort Kléber, Wolfisheim
Jazz festival, offering open-air concerts in the unusual setting of the Fort Kléber, near Strasbourg.
22 November 2019 9 h 04 min
Throughout the city
Every year since 2004, this electro groove music festival gathers thousands of fans who enjoy a rich programme that combines the local scene and the greatest artists of the genre.
22 November 2019 9 h 05 min

Rythmes d’été

Throughout the city
Throughout the summer
Summer is certainly the best season to discover or rediscover a city, its rich heritage, its sweetness of life ... Among the highlights (all free!): a great night show on three sites, the Summer Docks, the Street Arts Festival, outdoor movie nights, and numerous concerts and events throughout the city. A festive summer, happy and full of discoveries for all ages!
22 November 2019 9 h 04 min
Throughout the city
The organ heritage of Strasbourg is truly unique, incomparable both in terms of quantity and quality, with about fifteen organs spanning history from the 14th century to the present day. Stras’Orgues has set itself the objective of introducing the widest possible audience to this instrument, its repertoire and the world it inhabits.
22 November 2019 9 h 03 min
City of Music and Dance
September / October
This international festival presents works that are significant of musical developments in the second half of the 20th century, contrasting them with current music trends
22 November 2019 9 h 01 min
Museums and monuments of Strasbourg and the Eurometropolis
Open days of historic monuments and heritage sites (including many buildings normally closed to the general public).
22 November 2019 9 h 02 min
Throughout the city
September and October
Instigated in 2000, this event is an unprecedented example of trans-national cooperation, rallying the various Rhineland components (France, Switzerland and Germany) behind the idea of a common architectural area. Exhibitions, projections, conferences, guided tours, bike tours... On the programme: exploring architecture from every angle.
22 November 2019 9 h 00 min
Exhibition Park Wacken
Avant-garde art, Constructivism, « figuration libre »… This art fair is an opportunity for all the attending galleries to exhibit and sell their pieces to an international audience including collectors
22 November 2019 8 h 59 min
Throughout the city
Jazzdor explores the most exciting music coming out of the world of contemporary jazz and offers about thirty events featuring musicians from here and elsewhere. The best of present and future jazz, at different venues in Alsace.
22 November 2019 8 h 59 min
Historical Center
Every year since 1570, Strasbourg has hosted the Christmas Market, and the city sparkles with countless lights and colors.
22 November 2019 8 h 58 min


Due to the health situation, the visitor centre of the Strasbourg Tourist Office is closed until further notice.
All tourism activities are suspended.
However, you can still reach our staff by email: [email protected] from Monday to Friday.

Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas
Due to worsening health conditions, the  chalets of the Christmas markets will not take place in the city this year.
The magic and spirit of Christmas will still reign supreme with illuminations and our great Christmas Tree.
More information coming soon…

In Strasbourg, you must wear a face covering throughtout the city, even outside.