The Kammerzell house

  • The Kammerzell house

    Although this house bears the name of the grocer Kammerzell, its owner in the 19th century, it actually owes its current appearance to Martin Braun, a cheese merchant who acquired it in 1571. He kept only the stone ground floor, dating from 1467, and rebuilt the house with three corbelled out storeys and three floors in the loft in 1589.
    The rich decoration on the façade, both secular and sacred, was inspired by the Bible, Greek and Roman Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
    Restoration work carried out in 1892 made the whole building darker, but this decoration still testifies to the cultural influences of a 14th century Strasbourg burgher.
    Inside the building, you can admire remarkable frescoes painted by Leo Schnug in about 1905.
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      • Monument, remarkable house

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    The Kammerzell house
    Place de la Cathédrale
    67000 Strasbourg



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