Did you know that chocolate is made in Alsace? South of Strasbourg, you’ll find the Schall factory, whose history and know-how can be explored in a museum: Les Secrets du Chocolat. All aboard! Let’s discover the world of chocolate!
Discover this one-of-a-kind military museum. With its surface area covering 7,000 sq. metres, it’s one of the largest museums in Europe devoted to the Second World War.
Ready to immerse yourself in medieval art, thanks to technology? Digital installations take you into the exciting world of the Œuvre Notre-Dame Museum’s collections.
Did you know that you can visit “Little Versailles” in Strasbourg? Go to the Decorative Arts Museum!
Can you learn about science through play? Well, you can at The Vaisseau, a science centre for kids and teens in Strasbourg.
Have you ever walked INSIDE a work of art? That’s exactly what you can do in the Aubette building in Strasbourg.
This unique museum takes us on a journey through centuries of the history of sacred art, in an extraordinary architectural setting.
With its tour through old Strasbourg homes, the Alsatian Museum tells the story of daily life in Alsace in the 18th and 19th centuries.