Sites of interest

Europe lives in Strasbourg! To get a better understanding of how the European Union works, visit the European Parliament while you’re in Strasbourg.
Strasbourg is packed with spots each more picturesque than the last. So much so that even when you live here it's pretty difficult to walk through the city without feeling the urge to take a photo! Here are my top 10 most photogenic places in Strasbourg.
An iconic landmark of the Neustadt district and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Place de la République is a grandiose, stately square and a fine example of late 19th-century German architecture.
With its graceful curves, gold domes and opal-green rooftops, the Russian Orthodox Church in Strasbourg is a delight for photographers and passersby. The church, sometimes called the “Pearl of Strasbourg”, is worth a visit.
To visit the Strasbourg Cathedral, the POPGuide app offers a self-guided audio tour to discover the secrets of the beautiful church in 42 stops.
The 5e Lieu, and especially its permanent exhibition Journey through Strasbourg, is a must-see for anyone interested in architecture and heritage.
Reach for the sky to discover the most beautiful view of Strasbourg!