• L'Estampe

    The Gallery L'Estampe, created in 1979 and located at 31, quai des Bateliers, Strasbourg, produces original engravings100% handmade and respecting best practice.

    L'Estampe has a great many original engravings, as well as paintings and drawings, all entirely remarkable. More than 4,000 pieces from around a hundred different artists among whom: Combas, Klasen, Segui, Soulié, Erró, Di Rosa, Bogart, Coignard, Corneille, Waydelich, Weisbuch, and many more. At the disposal of hobbyists and professionals alike from all over the world.

    L'Estampe also has historical engravings aplenty dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries: Strasbourg, regional culture, topography and various other themes: botany, fashion, history, the list goes on...

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31 quai des Bateliers
67000 Strasbourg
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