The Orangerie Park

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  • The Orangerie Park

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    As the town’s oldest park, the Orangerie is the favourite destination for young lovers, joggers and Sunday strollers. Children simply love its play areas and its vintage children car track.
    It was here that the stork, (once threatened with extinction), was successfully reintroduced. More than 800 young storks have been born since 1971. This beautiful bird which is also the symbol of Alsace can today be admired whatever the time of year. The lake with its romantic waterfall provides a won-derful opportunity to enjoy some excellent boating.
    The "Pavillon Joséphine" (Joséphine Lodge) hosts numerous exhibitions and temporary events. The Buerehiesel, an attractive timber framed house, is home to a gourmet restaurant. The bowling centre and its terrace further add to the range of leisure facilities.

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