Le Point de Convergence, a 3D bronze relief map of the Grande-Ile district.

  • Le Point de Convergence, a 3D bronze relief map of the Grande-Ile district.

    Strategically located in Place d'Austerlitz, Le Point de Convergence is an urban feature designed to help enhance the city of Strasbourg’s heritage.

    Its very name refers to the location and destiny of this city, which has always been a confluence and convergence point. A base (at a height making it accessible for a curious child but also for wheelchair-bound visitors) sits below a bronze model of the Grande Ile, listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1988, a modern version of the relief map dating from 1727 which can be found in the History Museum just a stone's throw away. 

    This detailed, house-by-house map is clear and easy to follow, while the sheer finesse of the workmanship is truly remarkable. As the first model of this type produced in France by the German artist Egbert Broerken, this cast bronze work is very impressive thanks to its sheer meticulousness. The names of the main roads are shown in braille to enable partially sighted and blind visitors to get an idea of the layout of the surrounding environment.

    Le Point de convergence has been designed for all kinds of visitors and is therefore made for both admiring and touching, giving passers-by, families, groups, parents, children, teachers and pupils a foretaste of Strasbourg's amazing sites and rich heritage.

    For tourist guides, Le Point de Convergence is a directional aid which offers so much more than a simple town map and a great place to welcome visitors from all over the world as they begin their visit to the Grande-Ile.

    The sculpture’s bas-reliefs were designed by the Alsatian artist Raymond-Emile Waydelich.
    The project was managed from start to finish by Christophe Fleurov, and the sculpture was inaugurated by Roland Ries, the Mayor of Strasbourg, in October 2012.

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    Le Point de Convergence, a 3D bronze relief map of the Grande-Ile district.
    Place d'Austerlitz
    67000 Strasbourg
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