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  • Les Bulles à Flotter - Float centre

    Come to the Bulles à Flotter float centre to soothe your body and mind. We use two renowned techniques to reach this goal:

    1 / Floating: Lying in water containing a large amount of Epsom salts (5 times the concentration of the Dead Sea), you float effortlessly, and your body releases all its muscle tension, giving you a sense of weightlessness.

    2 / Sensory deprivation: Our float pods are specifically designed to eliminate all the external stimuli that your brain receives constantly. In this calm and reassuring environment, your brain can let go and drift in a dreamlike state akin to meditation.

    At the end of your one-hour session, you’ll enjoy a gentle return to reality in our warm and cosy ambiance, sipping a cup of herbal tea.   This will keep your bubble of bliss intact!

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9 place de l'Hôpital
67000 Strasbourg
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