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    Virtual Room, the first collaborative virtual reality room in France!

    A cross between an escape room and the cinema, Virtual Room will surprise you with a unique virtual reality experience, combining logical thinking, communication and team spirit!

    On a team of 2 to 4 players, you’ll explore different worlds through 4 missions, totally exclusive to Virtual Room.

    How it works:

    We welcome and brief you, and then we provide you with your gear.

    You’ll enjoy a 45-minute collaborative virtual reality game in teams of 2 to 4 people.

    The experience:

    - Time Travel 1: the Alpha team disappeared during its last mission, leaving vital information behind, which must be recovered at all costs: get your gear and set off to find these agents, lost in time!

    - Time Travel 2: the existence of Planet Earth is being threatened again! Only a few sources of energy needed to fight this scourge have been identified, but these sources are in the past, in different periods of history, and you only have 45 minutes to go get them!

    - Are We Dead? Scientists are on the verge of discovering an antidote capable of totally eradicating zombies from the face of the Earth.  Join a team of the living dead and fight for the survival of your species. You’ll never see zombies the same way again!

    - Press Start: you and your team have been swept up into an arcade game, where you’re going to experience a real odyssey in the universe of video games, in 4 worlds with iconic references.  Compete against AI, and protect the real world from being destroyed. Will you finish on top of the virtual podium?

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