Strasbourg, capitale de Noël
from 11/27/2024 to 12/27/2024

  • Strasbourg, capitale de Noël
    from 11/27/2024 to 12/27/2024

    Treat yourself to a magical break in Strasbourg.

    Dating back to 1570, Strasbourg’s Christmas market is the oldest one in France and one of the oldest in Europe.

    During the Christmas market, the ambiance in Strasbourg is truly unique. The facades and streets are beautifully decorated, the shop windows sparkle, the smells of cinnamon and spices waft through the air, bringing back childhood memories, and Christmas carols ring out from churches.

    Throughout December, Strasbourg is one of the most illuminated cities in Europe. The streets, houses, windows and balconies twinkle with lights and decorations each year more original than the last.

    Every year, a thirty-metre tall Christmas tree is brought to Place Kléber and decorated with colourful ornaments and shimmering lights. This essential symbol of “Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas” is also the highest decorated Christmas tree in Europe.

    Hundreds of merchants and craftsmen occupy the 300 chalets set up almost everywhere in the city centre. Visitors can get ready for Christmas with original gifts, unique items to decorate their Christmas trees and traditional treats, such as the little Christmas biscuits called bredle, and mulled wine.

    A magical and enchanted setting with a fairy-tale atmosphere that enchants every visitor.

    Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, a story that reinvents itself... and that has stood the test of time since 1570!

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