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    Epok'Tour offers immersive guided tours led by a certified tour guide wearing a period costume and playing a role, to take you on a journey through history. Through two captivating experiences, you’ll learn about the heritage of the age, the culture and historical anecdotes that have shaped these places, as you travel through time.

    You’ll discover Strasbourg during the Renaissance, thanks to the story of Marie Schmidt, a well-to-do woman and the wife of a master goldsmith in the 17th century. In charge of organising a political banquet for her husband, who is running for a seat on the Council, she will guide you through the city, with its local markets, tanners’ houses and mansions of the nobility.

    It’s an opportunity to discover the economic and cultural riches of this free city of the Holy Roman Empire, where many Huguenots took refuge.

    You’ll also travel back to the Middle Ages with the guidance of Jeanne, a resident of Strasbourg who works for the Œuvre Notre-Dame. She is the daughter of a master carpenter, and she’s always been fascinated by the work of the craftsmen who are building the cathedral.

    Immerse yourself in the mysteries of a stonemason’s lodge in the Holy Roman Empire, where every cut stone is a work of art. Behold the detailed workings of this guild, explore the meticulous work of a medieval master builder, and discover the ancestral tools that shaped the iconic monuments of the era.

    Jeanne will take you to the Holy Roman Empire, featuring the world’s highest tower, walls, other towers and prosperous businesses.

    Guided tours in period costume for adults and children over 6 or 8 years old (depending on the tour), in small groups, lasting between an hour and a half and an hour and 45 minutes.

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