Former "Grande Boucherie" (Old Butchers' House)

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  • Former "Grande Boucherie" (Old Butchers' House)

    Built by the City in 1587 to replace the outdated slaughterhouse in use since the 13th century on the banks of the Ill, the Grande-Boucherie (Old Butchers' House) is thought to be the work of Hans Schoch, the municipal architect also responsible for the Neubau.

    Completed in 1588, the U-shaped construction used to be reached by two staircases, which have now disappeared, and a spiral staircase in the courtyard. The ground floor, open to the street, was occupied on the north side by butchers' stalls, while the vaulted East and West wings were used as cold stores. The first floor was used for theatrical performances and provided extra space during the trade fair periods.

    An 18th century plan shows buildings used for other commercial purposes around the Grande-Boucherie.

    This utilitarian building, an outstanding example of Renaissance architecture, had a variety of uses in the 19th century and since 1919 it has housed the Musée Historique de la Ville de Strasbourg.

    Type of place
    Museum and planetarium

    A retrouver dans la galerie

2 rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Poissons
67000 Strasbourg