The Alsatian Museum

With its tour through old Strasbourg homes, the Alsatian Museum tells the story of daily life in Alsace in the 18th and 19th centuries.

©Mathieu Bertola
©Mathieu Bertola

A journey to the past

It’s with great pleasure and a touch of nostalgia every time I visit the Alsatian Museum. I see my grandfather when he was an infant in his mother’s arms at the window of our family home. I find the country interiors of the houses of my village and the colourful furnishings, costumes and head coverings that make us proud of our heritage.

It’s almost as if I can smell the aromas of freshly baked Alsatian Christmas biscuits and Sunday-morning Kougelhopf; as if I’m impatiently waiting for the traditional Messti festival in August, or the Advent wreath in December.


These religious and folklore festivals used to set the pace of our daily lives… Come with me and travel back in time to our ever present past.

Discovering Alsatian Christmas traditions

In addition, during Advent, the Alsatian Museum puts on an exhibition devoted to Christmas. It’s an opportunity to soak up the ambiance of Christmases past and to discover the legends and all the traditional dishes of this festive period.

©Mathieu Bertola

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