The cathedral’s platform

The most beautiful view of Strasbourg!

Reach for the sky to discover the most beautiful view of Strasbourg!

After climbing all 332 steps up to the platform’s height of 66 metres, you’ll be rewarded with the best view of Strasbourg! There’s so much to see and do: appreciating the city’s rich architectural heritage, discovering the guard house, with its treadwheel crane, or travelling back in time, to explore the cathedral in the Middle Ages!

Added bonuses

Thanks to an app available for free on smartphones (Strasbourg VR Cathédrale), you can see what Strasbourg was like in 1490 and 1730, using virtual reality.

And for a souvenir of your ascent to the platform, you can carve your name (virtually) into the stone of the Cathedral, then get your carving by e-mail.

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