The Municipal Baths

In Strasbourg, you can swim and relax in the exceptional setting of a historical monument: the Municipal Baths.

Swimming at a historical monument

The Municipal Baths of Strasbourg are a jewel, designed by municipal architect Fritz Beblo at the turn of the 20th century and classified as a historical monument in 2017.  The Municipal Baths are remarkable for their design and style, combining Neo-Baroque with hints of Art Nouveau. Just walking through the door takes you to another time. But what’s most impressive are the beautifully renovated small and large pools. It’s such a pleasure to swim in these pools while admiring their magnificence, especially the stained-glass windows and faithfully renovated vintage changing rooms, as well as all the little details that make the building so charming.

The spa centre: the art of relaxation

Extend the experience and explore the other historical rooms by visiting the spa centre. The Roman baths, a prime example of the German public health traditions of the early 20th century, are well worth a look. Restored in keeping with the original architecture, this area features three pools, including a hot bath and a cold bath, as well as a sauna and a steam room. Don’t miss the stained-glass window overlooking the pools, which makes reference to Hokusai’s Great Wave. In addition to the historical rooms, a more modern area–featuring a sauna, a salt room, a snow shower and a hot tub–offers a wonderful moment of relaxation.

Heated outdoor swimming pool and view of the Cathedral

The spa centre leads out to a very pleasant outdoor space, with a heated infinity pool and a sauna, where you can enjoy a unique view of the Cathedral’s spire.   It’s an especially nice spot on foggy autumn days, for a real cosy experience!

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