Learning how to play golf

Several beginner golf packages will let you enjoy a recreational sport experience in a green setting.

Discovering golf

“Have you already played golf?” After answering this first question asked by the instructor, you’ll need just a few minutes to start thinking like a golfer. Once your instructor has given you a few tips, such as the rules of the game, the course, differences between golf clubs and the proper stance to take, you can jump right in and start perfecting your swing. To practice hitting long drives and work on more precise shots, you’ll go to the practice area and the putting green. In just an hour, you’ll have the basics of golf down!

Beginner packages

Contrary to popular belief, golf is a sport anyone can play. There’s no need to have a license or to buy all the equipment: several golf courses around Strasbourg offer packages for new players. For example, you can try golf through free beginner sessions, or you can opt for packages such as Lunch & Golf (a private lesson and lunch).

Our opinion

As novice golfers, this introduction to golf was a real discovery for us! It’s an all-round sport requiring strategy and discipline, but you don’t need to be a professional athlete! You’ll enjoy the fresh air and feel revitalised in the wide, peaceful green spaces just outside of the city. And, on top of that, you’ll feel so good about yourself when you manage to hit the ball more than 50 metres, for the first time!


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