The Neustadt Tour on the little sightseeing train

Kids get excited as soon as they see it on the square in front of the cathedral: the little sightseeing train! And now, a new tour will take you to discover the Neustadt quarter.

A new tour

Until now, in Strasbourg, the little sightseeing train only left from Place de la Cathédrale to take you on a tour of the Petite France quarter. But this summer, a new 45-minute tour also leaves from Place du Château, to take you to explore the German imperial district.

The finest buildings in the Neustadt district

If you’ve never been to Strasbourg before, taking the little sightseeing train is a great way to discover a few iconic buildings of the European capital. The tour will take you through the streets of the two quarters listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites: Grande Ile and Neustadt. You’ll see plenty of sights on the way, including Palais Rohan, Place de la République with its Palais du Rhin, the Palais Universitaire, the National Theatre and the Opera House.

See the city through the eyes of a child

What we love about the little sightseeing train is it’s so fun! As soon as you take a seat and the train announces its departure with its typical “choo choo” sound, you’ll feel like a kid again! Just sit back and admire Strasbourg and its rich heritage, and discover the history of its buildings thanks to the multilingual audio commentary.

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Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas

Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas (from 28 November)
In 2020, Strasbourg will be the Capital of Christmas again!
However, due to worsening health conditions, the Mayor of Strasbourg, in agreement with the Prefecture and the Regional Health Agency, have decided to organise it without chalets.
The magic and spirit of Christmas will still reign supreme: illuminations, carolling, exhibits and concerts, and, most importantly, our great Christmas Tree will make the holidays magical.

In Strasbourg, you must wear a face covering throughtout the city, even outside.