The Œuvre Notre-Dame Museum

This unique museum takes us on a journey through centuries of the history of sacred art, in an extraordinary architectural setting.

An exceptional atmosphere

I really like the ambiance of this place, for the beauty of the building itself, on the one hand, and the treasures it contains, on the other.
The collection of the Œuvre Notre-Dame Museum is of inestimable value. Amongst other things, you’ll see a stained glass window called “The Wissembourg Christ”, the oldest intact figurative stained glass window in France.

The origins of the Cathedral

What moves me the most? The rooms where the Cathedral’s original statues are displayed. When I look at them, I can’t help but think with emotion about the builders and stone cutters who contributed over the centuries to making Strasbourg Cathedral what I believe is the most beautiful and most unique cathedral in the world!

I find the Ecclesia and Synagoga statues, sculpted in the 13th century, especially moving.

Musées de la Ville de Strasbourg / M. Bertola

An intimate museum

The museum’s stunning setting, with its gables, magnificent spiral staircase and little Gothic garden, which is particularly pleasant and cool in summertime, creates a sense of intimacy with the works on display, making your visit a genuine encounter with Strasbourg’s rich history.

In other words, don’t miss this rich collection of medieval and Renaissance works, which will take you to the origins of Strasbourg and the Cathedral! The Œuvre Notre-Dame Museum is free with the Strasbourg Pass.

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