5 things to do in Strasbourg, in autumn

For an autumn holiday or a short autumn break in November, it can be hard to choose the right destination. Whether you’re travelling with family or taking a city break with friends, we have 5 great reasons to choose Strasbourg!

1) Admire the city’s beautiful autumn colours

As soon as autumn begins, a wonderful way to admire the transformation of nature is simply to stroll through the city and its parks and woods. Feast your eyes on the glowing colours of the autumn leaves: the red, yellow and golden hues make Strasbourg’s heritage even more beautiful. The light is also very special during this season, especially on the riverbanks and in the Petite France district, so the sunrises and sunsets are moments of pure magic!

2) Enjoy some delicious comfort food

As the morning air gets chillier and the days get shorter, we all need a little comfort! Good news: autumn is sauerkraut season! It’s the perfect time to go with family and friends to a traditional winstub restaurant and enjoy some Alsatian choucroute together.

3) See the latest art exhibitions

Autumn is often a time when museums have new exhibitions and events, so it’s the ideal time to go see a new show. And autumn 2022 will be especially eventful in Strasbourg, with a double amazing exhibit: Surrealice, part of which (Lewis Carroll and the Surrealists) will be presented at the Museum of Modern and Conteporary Art, and the other (Illustr’Alice) at the Tomi Ungerer Museum – International Illustration Centre (starting on 19 November).

4) Spend time with your kids

An ideally sized city, Strasbourg is the perfect family holiday destination. What’s more, the city has plenty of fun activities for young people, so you can spend quality time together as a family. Whether you feel like visiting the city, climbing to new heights, making scientific discoveries or participating in a workshop, there’s something for everyone! All of our ideas for family fun in Strasbourg.

5) Slow down and relax

Before winter comes, slow down and take your time! Wander through the quaint streets, learn lots of details about the buildings, lose yourself in a daydream … the enchanting ambiance in Strasbourg will make you want to relax and unplug. And to unwind even more, get pampered at one of the spas in the city.

Bonus : Our autumn to-do list in Strasbourg

  • Go admire the ginkgo trees on Place de la République, as they turn golden
  • Stomp through the fallen leaves of the chestnut trees on Quai Kléber
  • Enjoy a glass of Neier Siasser, the new wine
  • Go see the latest art exhibitions
  • Try a torche aux marrons–a delicious Alsatian dessert made with chestnuts–and/or some hot chestnuts
  • Relax at a spa
  • Admire the sky over the Petite France quarter, as it turns pink at sunset
  • Enjoy typical Alsatian choucroute with your family
  • Go for a walk in Pourtalès Park
  • Count down the days until the Christmas Market

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