The 10 most instagrammable places in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is packed with spots each more picturesque than the last. So much so that even when you live here it’s pretty difficult to walk through the city without feeling the urge to take a photo! Here are my top 10 most photogenic places in Strasbourg.

1) House in La Petite France

A delightfully pretty house, a tunnel of wisteria and the Cathedral as a backdrop: quite the winning combination, a superb, unique place. And the cherry on the cake is that you are in one of the most picturesque parts of Strasbourg, La Petite France.

If you find the gates in front of the house closed, you can always try and find an original angle for your photo!

2) Place de la Cathédrale Square

Impossible to leave Strasbourg without taking a snapshot of the city’s finest building, Notre-Dame Cathedral. While you are on Place de la Cathédrale Square, take a moment to gaze at the astonishing Kammerzell house. What more could you want?

3) From the panoramic terrace of the Vauban Dam

It’s a well-known fact that some of the most stunning photos are taken from the air. Strasbourg is no exception and if you climb the few steps up to the panoramic terrace of the Vauban Dam, you’ll find yourself with some of the finest views over the city.

4) St. Paul's Church

If you take a stroll through the Neustadt quarter, you’ll have the chance to take a fantastic shot of another church, the imposing Protestant St. Paul’s Church which stands on an island in the middle of the Ill river.

I think the best angles to photograph the church and the remarkable landscape around it are from the Gallia bridge and the nearby river banks. Ideal for a nice, peaceful walk too!

5) Place Benjamin Zix Square

If there’s one square that leaves no-one indifferent it has to be Place Benjamin Zix Square. It features several half-timbered houses, including the iconic Maison des Tanneurs, cobbled streets, beautiful trees and the Ill flowing right next to the square.  Everything you need for a perfect picture postcard shot.

6) The FAILE wall painting at the MAMCS

Lovers of street art, this 1,000 m² wall painting done by New York street art duo FAILE is made for you and your lens. A monumental piece of work that majestically adorns the wall of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCS).

7) The hornbeam arbour in the Orangerie park

Parks and gardens, the city refuge of nature lovers, are places that change with the passing seasons. The hornbeam walk in the Orangerie Park and in particular the part where the trees have been trained to form an arbour is a romantic spot par excellence and one we recommend for your souvenir photos.

8) Russian Orthodox Church

There are not many French cities where you can admire the unique architecture of a Russian Orthodox church. Don’t pass up the chance to take a look at this magnificent building with its golden onion domes and opal-green roof. For an incredible photo head over to the other side of the river where you’ll be rewarded with the church’s reflection in the water.


Vincent Muller

9) The Restaurant au Pont Saint-Martin

Visible from the bridge of the same name, this Alsatian restaurant whose wooden terrace seems to float above the Ill, is a must-have for any photo album. In summer its windows are bedecked with magnificent geraniums.

10) Lycée International des Pontonniers

Visible from the bridge of the same name, this Alsatian restaurant whose wooden terrace seems to float above the Ill, is a must-have for any photo album. In summer its windows are bedecked with magnificent geraniums.

BONUS - Place Kléber and the Great Christmas Tree

There is one place that wins the popular vote every year when the Christmas Market comes around: Place Kléber Square. Every November, it becomes the home of the Great Christmas Tree, the most iconic feature of the end-of-year festivities. When the lights on this beautifully decorated 30-metre giant come on at nightfall, it’s a spectacle no-one can resist. A small stage is erected in front of the real tree so that you can even take a selfie.

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